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core energy meditation form 

Core Energy Meditation™ is a powerfully relaxing technique
that facilitates Vital Energy flow through your body, heart, & mind.
It is a truly holistic system of personal development and spiritual growth.

With consistent practice you can expect to:

*Reduce stress, relax deeply, and increase energy flow
*Enhance your health and immune response
*Release stuck emotions and increase feelings of well-being
*Improve your concentration and mental clarity
*Develop a stronger sense of inner guidance
*Integrate body, heart, mind, and spirit
*Connect to "who you are" and "what you are here to do"

(20 min/40min/7min/20min with Babbling Brook versions)
For more info read "Raise Your Vibration: A Guide to Core Energy Meditation" 


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What Participants Say About Core Energy Meditation™:

 “I have practiced meditation for a few years now and recently started using the Core Energy Meditation. This meditation has changed everything for me, it is easy to do and to fit into my day and it is having a profound effect on my daily life. I do the meditation in the morning and for the rest of the day I carry a feeling of peace and wellbeing with me. I also believe it has a powerful effect on releasing emotions and past issues.  I have found this kind of qigong meditation to be the most powerful and integrating form of meditation and I can't recommend it enough.”

Anna, Spain.


"I have tried many different guided meditations and I can say that The Core Energy Meditation
is at the top of the list. Everything works for me, including your voice and your energy.
I am grateful I came across it, bought it, and thank you for creating it."

M.C., Canada


“The last years i have done a lot of energy practices EFT, healing codes, breathing techniques, crystal therapy etc. All works great, but if i had to choose one i would choose the core energy technique and meditation.  I have never felt so deeply relaxed grounded and in harmony with myself. From the first time i noticed changes, my skin and my hair become softer, the sun stop exhausting my eyes, the colors became brighter around me, my posture is different while i am walking! Truly an amazing experience! I am so glad i found out about you! I would be grateful forever!”

Argyrios, Greece


"Hi Kevin,
I am so pleased to have found your website. It has been almost a month since I first downloaded your programme to raise your energy vibration.  I have been logging in every week to download your insights. I have struggled for many years with low energy levels & health problems many of which are stress + posture related. During these years I have tried a number of meditation programmes as well as massage & other therapies to try to help myself.

About a year ago I started exercising regularly (I try to do this every day) to try to improve my overall well-being & it has helped but I have a very stressful job & sometimes I find the stress hard to let go of.

Your meditation seemed to help a lot as soon as I used it, but I wasn't sure if that was just because it was new to me.  The big thing I have found which has helped me the most though was your insight to do the meditation just after exercising.  As I try to do the both every day anyway, it made sense to try it - I cannot believe the difference it has made! The tightness in my muscles seems to be relaxing + allowing my posture to improve.

My energy levels are still fluctuating at the moment-there are times when I feel low & I need to rest but mostly there has been improvement & there are times when I feel super!  (Can't remember the last time I felt that).

So, thank you very much for all your work.  I am enjoying your website & my practice very much.
I am very grateful to you, as I'm sure are many others...."

Best Wishes,
Julia Donaldson, South Wales, U.K.

"I've been using your 20 minute core energy meditation practice for around a 2 weeks, and must say that it is a very potent practice. Some days that I use it, outdoor plant life will have a fluorescent glow to it that I never noticed before. Also, as things come up and I notice, accept, and release them I notice an immediate deepening of the meditation experience.

I've used other meditation programs in the past, and while I don't doubt their efficacy, they certainly didn't move my spiritual life forward as quickly as core energy seems to do.

All the best,"

Nate B., Mankato, MN

“If someone had asked me if I’d ever practice meditation 10 years ago, I would have said “No way, are you nuts?” Kevin got me to start practicing meditation around 4 or 5 years ago. Now I feel like my mind is much more settled. I am able to focus and I am able to let go of negative thoughts more easily. My overall physical and mental well-being has improved and I know it will continue to improve through meditation moving forward for the rest of my life. Thanks Kevin!”

Chris Cooper, Boulder, CO

“In this program, you’ll discover the real secrets you need to create total success, wealth, and happiness. I have meditated for 10 years and recommend Kevin’s approach because it is the most effective method I know for creating a major shift in consciousness. Core Energy Meditation™ helped me create deeper peace, harmony, and well-being. Use this program—and change your life!”

J. V. Crum, III, Founder/CEO, Conscious Millionaire Institute, LLC, Tampa, FL

“The first time I used Core Energy Meditation™, I loved it! When I was finished, I looked forward to the next time I would get to do it. It quickly became a part of my morning practice.  Kevin’s voice brought me right into a positive meditative state. I felt like it was a sacred time. Core Energy Meditation™ has integrated a deeper sense of connection into my life.  It has really helped me remember what is important to me and take that into my day.”

Monica Augustine, Owner, Wildflower School of Voice, Lafayette, CO

“Core Energy Meditation™ became my mainstay late last winter. There are several meditations (I have done). . .But Core Energy Meditation™ is the most comprehensive—anywhere, anytime. . .I believe Core Energy Meditation™ is the foundation of all my recent experiences of positive coherent vibration as well as the ability to see and understand them. It is just fantastic!”

Debi Dowling, ME, USA


"Eighteen years ago, after many years studying Eastern philosohpies and Japanese martial arts, I learned a version of the Yang style short form. Since then I have learned and set aside more forms of qigong than I can remember, always looking for something more and always looking to simplify my training. I also remain vigilant about keeping at bay the cancer that paid me an unwelcome visit ten years ago. Alex Loyd's Healing Codes became a part of that effort last Summer. Knowing that, however else Dr. Loyd describes his techniques, they are a form of qigong, I was intrigued to discover you among his recommendations. Since retirement is hard work and a very busy time, my plate is now full with the addition of Core Energy Meditation. Each day I practice two of Dr. Loyd's techniques with the Tapping Solution, forms of standing qigong and bone marrow breathing.This is quite a plate, notwithstanding my martial forms, family and work on my next novel. I have learned and set aside both Transcendental Meditation and zazen, hoping for something more. I am a Christian. Core Energy Meditation is now the foundation for all my training and a vehicle to prepare my mind and body for Him who is always "what is truly important for me right here and now."
Many thanks,

Jim Williams, Elizabeth City, NJ


"Hi Kevin,

I just want to say thank you for the CEM! Though it's only been a week since I started using it I love it! I have done TM and other meditation somewhat regularly over the last couple of years but in recent months have been doing a daily "inner body meditation" per Eckhart Tolle as he describes it in The Power of Now and A New Earth (lying down that is because I'm unable to sit due to back "challenges")  I find it to be the quickest and most satisfying way to meditate, to "feel my inner body"..., but your CEM now takes it to the next level. I can "feel" my whole abdomen/trunk area up to my head like I hadn't before. I love it! I expect with time I may actually be able to walk around and go through my day completely "in my body"! I would love that! There's more I can say about my experience with your CEM but I won't bore you with it...suffice it to say that it's a very positive experience overall and I'm very excited."

R.L. San Diego, USA

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